How to Shave

Meet the Precision Trimmer

A handy new feature atop Harry’s next generation razor cartridges, this special blade makes it easy to trim your sideburns and hard to reach places like under your nose.

A Trimmer By Any Other Name

Would be an edger. Because we’re not talking about shortening the bulk of your facial hair here. The precision trimmer is meant to help put the finishing touches on your shave; a sixth blade dedicated entirely to clean, even lines. The world is a wonderful place.


Survey The Landscape

After the main shave, give yourself a few seconds to soak in that handsome mug. Take note of any rogue hairs. Most likely you may need a bit of clean up under-your-nose or sideburns—but the precision trimmer is equally useful for shaping a mustache, goatee, maybe even an eyebrow every now and again.


Find Your Angle

As we know, every person’s facial hair grows in its own, unique pattern. But every razor’s precision trimmer also has its own, unique position. Harry’s is located at the top of the razor cartridge, so it’s best to start by holding your handle at about a 90-degree angle to your face. Then gradually decrease the angle to find what’s most comfortable.


Get High + Tight

Now that you’ve done the necessary recon, you’ll want to make sure your skin is nicely lathered-up to help reduce friction. With your non-shaving hand, pull your skin tight. Then move your razor in short strokes, perpendicular to your grain pattern—paying extra attention to more sensitive areas like the curve of your cheekbone and the bottom of your nose.



The bane of a perfectly precise shave is even sideburns. The best way to circumvent the strife is to ignore your ears (most peoples are slightly off-balance). Instead, place your index fingers at the bottom of each sideburn, then bring them to a point on your face. If you’re meeting in the middle, you’re golden. If not, adjust accordingly and repeat.


Enjoy Harry’s smoothest shave ever with their next generation of blades.