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September Shower Sessions

Shower Sessions
A well-groomed monthly playlist to start your morning right. September’s Theme: Fall Wake Up Call…

We’re big advocates of long, hot showers. A good steam will soothe your muscles, clear your head and soften your stubble before that all-important shave. A great soundtrack will make the whole process a faster and more enjoyable experience.

Up and at ‘em. It’s September. Fall may not “officially” start until the 22nd, but for all intents and purposes, those blissful days of summer are over. Don’t be sad. Autumn is just as blissful. Crisp air. Cocktail parties. Sports. The “light jacket.” These are your friends. It’s time to get off beach time and kick things into high gear. 2016 will soon be a distant memory. Let’s hit the ground running.

September Shower Sessions

Take your cue from a certain “Roadrunner” by Jonathan Richman. He is gracious enough to give you a six second head start to hop in the shower and get things moving. “This is going to be a productive and fulfilling month,” will be your mantra. “Special things will happen.” Look, they’re happening already: the Black Crowes are stopping by to wish you “Good Morning, Captain.” Turns out it’s a “Peppermint Morning,” a tasty gem courtesy of Rabbitt.

Ponder what it is that you want to accomplish and perhaps be inspired by the opening lines of Television’s “See No Evil”: What I want, I want now and it’s a whole lot more than “anyhow.” If you’re blood isn’t pumping faster, perhaps a 1-2 punch of the Ramones and Plastic Bertrand will get your heart rate up.

More lessons, inspirations and Things to Remember can be found in the remaining tracks. Designed to give the appropriate swagger and spark for September, wisdom can be gleaned from their titles alone: “If It Takes All Night,” “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide,” and “All or Nothin’.” The time is now to stake your claim on the rest of the year.

The final track, the incredibly danceable “Beam Me Up,” by Midnight Magic might seem a little nocturnal for a morning-centric mix, but it’s there as one last thing to keep in mind this month.

The days may be getting shorter, but that just means the nights are longer.