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A Man, A Mustache, A Mantra

When's the last time you cancelled a vacation? Max Wertheimer was on his way to wine country when his daydreams led him to discover what would become the foundations of Gestalt Psychology. And that simply couldn't wait.


John Ortved

Wordsmith. Dating pundit. Neighborhood sausage king. We drop in on the writer at his West Village bachelor pad.


The Ancient Art of Refusal

Declining an invitation with grace is a skill every man should hone. But saying "No" can be difficult. We asked our pals Peter Bonventre and John Jannuzzi how they drop the 2-letter bomb.


Darryl Velasco

The science behind styling your hair (and why being held at gunpoint in Mexico makes for a great shop story). We swap advice with the Rudy's barber.


Hu(man) Error: Technical Difficulties

In his efforts to impress a beautiful young lady, our hero makes a tragic rental decision.


Ask a Lady: He Got Game?

Is your video game habit a dating deal breaker? Our correspondent Jenny Bahn has a few opinions on the matter.


A Boy. A Beard. A Blurb.

William Booth grew up preaching to prostitutes and criminals in London's East End (and was attacked regularly for his beliefs). He would go on to found The Salvation Army. Needless to say, he was one tough S.O.B.


In So Many Words: Clocked

Mornings. In Verse. "I’ve counted one too many sheep."


Coss Marte

Brand ambassador. Social media addict. Pushup king. We pay an early morning visit to the Coss Athletics founder and Defy Entrepreneur-in-Training.