How to Shave

The Mist-ery of the Post Shave

The Post-Game

During your shave, all sorts of things are raising your skin’s pH: soap, shaving cream, foam—even the water itself. Post-shave mist is restorative. It de-stresses by bringing your skin’s pH back to normal. With a water and aloe base that’s blended with botanical extracts like Thai basil, lady thistle and seaweed, Harry’s Post-Shave Mist gently calms your skin and provides moisture throughout the day.

To Mist, or to Balm

Really, it’s a personal preference. Post-Shave Mist is great for guys who enjoy a light and refreshing application experience, while Harry’s Post-Shave Balm provides a deep, comforting moisture. Both formulas offer the same skin-soothing benefits, and because they’re also alcohol-free, you don’t have to worry about practicing your best Home Alone face—just a deeply satisfied grin.

Respect the Technique

Spray with confidence and reckless abandon over your face and neck after shaving. A specially designed pump atomizes a cloud of fine mist that feels cool and velvety soft, immediately refreshing and hydrating your skin. Essential oils like mint, eucalyptus and tea tree combine to create an invigorating herbal scent escape—it’s like a 3 second vacation for your face*.

Finishing Touches

There’s no need to get handsy, as the mist absorbs on contact. But before heading out the door, be sure to apply a face lotion with SPF over your face and neck for added hydration and protection from the elements. Ingredients such as emollients and humectants will help your skin look and feel healthier, and reduce damage caused by UVA/UVB rays—effectively slowing your skin’s aging. Power move.

*Pro-Tip: Be sure to stay above the belt.


Treat your face to the cooling, calming sensation of Harry’s new Post-Shave Mist.