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A Look at the Top Beard Styles in 2019

Beards have been making a comeback since the turn of the century. Everything from long and less kept to short and fine-trimmed can be seen on the faces of men you pass just walking down a city street. Men are still shaving, just less of us are shaving it all off these days.

If you’ve thought about growing a beard yourself, now is a good time to do it. But there’s so many styles to choose from. Some styles can exude confidence. Others are more sophisticated. Or you could choose a style that’s more laid back. 

To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of the top beard styles in 2019. This should give you a good starting point for choosing a style that’s suited for you.

Top Beard Styles in 2019 (Short)

1. Short or Boxed Beard

Once popularized by the ancient Romans, the boxed beard is making a comeback. It’s a short yet full style, with a mustache that connects to the main beard. It works well with sharp, diamond-shaped faces.

Short beards don’t hide your natural features. They actually help to highlight the features you like about your face. You can decide how to trim yours to suit your style. It’s a great choice because you can really customize the look yourself. 

2. Simply Stubble

Lots of men look good with some all-over stubble growing in. So it’s no surprise that stubble emerged as one of the top beard styles in 2019. The best part is, it works for all facial structures.

What’s more, you can create this look with minimal effort. Just let your stubble grow for about five days. Then you can trim to your desire, polishing things up around the edges if you want to maintain a more professional look.

3. Uniform Style

If you look good with stubble, you’ll probably like uniform style. It’s just about the same except a bit longer. So your beard will look a little more filled in.

This option is good for men who work in office settings that require you to keep a more polished look. The Uniform Style Beard lets you feel rugged while looking well-kept. It’s good for square, oval, and round faces. And it adds to the edges of your facial features.

4. Circle Beard (Full Goatee)

The circle beard—also called a full goatee—features a mustache and goatee that connect together. It’s a perfect style if you have a square jawline, because it helps create a more angular look.

Circle beards are widely accepted in professional environments. We wouldn’t recommend letting it grow out wildly, though. Shaving around the circle is helps maintain a nice, sharp look.

5. The Van Dyke

If you have a round face and want something to make your face appear less circular, then your top beard style is the Van Dyke. Similar to a circle beard, you grow a mustache and goatee—but you don’t let them connect.

The Van Dyke beard is pretty easy to take care of.  You can use a manual razor for trimming around the edges, keeping your mustache and goatee from growing together. And some guys let their goatee hair a bit longer. It’s a nice touch, if that’s something you’d like.

Top Beard Styles in 2019 (Long)

6. Dutch Style

You might think of Abraham Lincoln when you see a Dutch style beard. See the resemblance? But this beard goes way back. It was originally grown by the ancient Greeks as a symbol of masculinity.

Now it’s making a comeback as a top beard style for 2019. Notice the Dutch style doesn’t feature a mustache. It’s just a full-grown beard on the bottom of your face. This is a good one if you have a triangle-shaped jawline.

Versatility is a benefit to growing a Dutch style beard. There’s no average length guidelines, and you can shape it however you like.

7. The Garibaldi

What if you add a mustache to the Dutch style beard? Now you’ve got a Garibaldi. The mustache makes it a more well-rounded style that’s suited for all facial structures.

The Garibaldi typically isn’t grown longer than seven inches. The beard’s namesake—General Giuseppe Garibaldi—wore his that way.

8. The Bandholz

The Bandholz is just like the Garibaldi, except it’s not obliged to a certain length. It’s a thick, full-blown beard that conceals your jawline. You can see some of these scattered around Major League Baseball teams these days.

This style doesn’t take much maintenance. But it’s common for guys wearing this beard to trim around the edges. It’s a nice way to maintain a clean, deliberate look. 

Which style will you wear?

We hope you found our top beard styles of 2019 useful. But if we could recommend one style for you, we wouldn’t. What we recommend is to be yourself. From clean-shaven to the Bandholz beard, you can’t go wrong if it makes you feel comfortable.