Real Talk on Fatherhood

To celebrate Father’s Day, we caught up with dads and their kids to talk about how becoming a dad has changed them for the better, embracing the moments that truly matter, and the mindsets that’ve helped them along the way.

“My philosophy has always been to keep an open mind, as life is in constant evolution. Everyone has a different button that needs to be pushed in order to be motivated, the way you deliver your message needs to been fine-tuned for each child.” — Eton

“Fatherhood is not easy, it’s no walk in the park. You will lose sleep, you will lose friends, you will lose money, but none of it compares to what you have gained. I feel a new purpose knowing that I’m my little girls first love, I have to assure that her heart stays filled. I became an adult through time, I became a man through fatherhood.” — Aliqwan

“Be kind like a child is kind; where kindness doesn’t describe the things that you do, but the person you are. I care more about how my kids do things, rather than how those things turn out. Whatever they decide is worth doing, I only hope they put their
whole selves into it.” — Brett

“Being a great husband, father, friend, co-worker, shortstop, and artist is not impossible. It’s just impossible all at the same time. And while all of those things are highly important to me, none is more important than being a great dad.” — Aaron

“I see friends a lot less, and go out a lot less than I used to. I also don’t make as much art as I used to either. That being said, I’ve never been happier. Hearing Hendrix scream ‘Daddddyyyyyy’ and run towards me when I haven’t seen him all day is what I hope heaven feels like.” — Jason

“Looking down at them in their bassinets after they were born, feeling completely overwhelmed with joy, I realized all at once what parental love really means. And I felt the importance of my responsibility to provide it unconditionally.” — Seth

“I learned to have more confidence in myself, but also to rely on the help of others. I want my children to find happiness and to spread kindness. I want them to continue to be honest, and to challenge themselves and each other.” — Manuel