A Son’s First Shave

We headed across the pond to the West London townhouse of editor-turned-family-activist, Martin Daubney. And spent the morning getting ready for school with his wife and two children, Sonny, seven, and Dolly, three.

After joining their leisurely breakfast routine—which was bookended with Sonny building small machines with his erector set, and Dolly explaining to us the finer points of super hero personas—we joined Martin and Sonny upstairs to bear witness to his son’s first shave.

Martin begins his Masterclass on grooming by showing Sonny where the magic takes place…

An attentive Sonny looks on as his instruments are unboxed.

Then Martin helps his son along with the most important first step: making sure your face is thoroughly coated with a nice shaving cream.

The pair laugh as they fill up their sink with warm water and rinse their respective blades.

While Sonny’s razor is still bladeless for the next few years, Martin explains the various components on his own handle and cartridge.

“Starting from the top, take tiny gentle strokes downward, following the direction of your hair.”

Sonny picks up his own training razor and follows suit.

Then comes a quick inspection and clean-up on any missed spots from dad.

Sonny takes a moment to be sure he’s nicely preened.

The pair end with a refreshing rinse of their newly manicured mugs.

Finally, Martin and Sonny take a moment to appreciate a job well-done with a hug, before packing up and heading out to school for the day.