April Shower Sessions

A well-groomed monthly playlist to start your morning right. April’s Theme: Easy, Breezy and Bright.

We’re big advocates of long, hot showers. A good steam will soothe your muscles, clear your head and soften your stubble before that all-important shave. A great soundtrack will make the whole process a faster and more enjoyable experience.

Good morning and take notice.

The days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer. The sun’s role has been upgraded from “delightful unexpected cameo” to “best supporting performer .” You’re emerging from the season of heavy, cold darkness—into the easy, breezy and bright months ahead. Which brings us to April’s theme…

April Shower Sessions: Easy, Breezy and Bright

So say hello when you see that “Sun, Arise!,” a short invocation from the aptly-named Phosphorescent. If you’re like us, you’re an early riser. But no matter what time you get up, well…it’s technically still early for you during those first few minutes of being awake. So ease into it. Take it “Easy, Easy, Easy” as it were with the help of the Timothy McNealy’s groove-tastic instrumental.

Fire up that shower and be glad the winter’s whipping winds have been replaced by “The Breeze” of spring. As you step in the cascading water reflect on the lyrics for a moment. “What blows us here today, will blow us all away.” The season, like this life, is temporary and temporal. What matters more, is what you take with you in your mind and spirit. So don’t just soak up the sun’s rays and the shower’s stream into your skin. Let it penetrate your soul.

“Turn on the Bright Lights,” and you’ll see and make this morning ritual of yours into a true “Hour of Power,” (with the help of Jerry Garcia and Albert Washington respectively.” A chance to recharge your batteries, the “Funky Fire” that fuels you—that thing that makes you who you are. It’s also a chance to really spread the soap around, because no matter how clean you get there will always be the part of you that is a “Dirty Man.” And when it’s sung by the great Laura Lee, that’s really not such a bad thing.

When you’re nice and squeaky, step out to the sounds of Mando Daio as they wish you “Good Morning, Herr Horst,” which translated from the German means “Good Morning, Mr. Nest.” But nesting season is over. You are ready to spread your wings and fly, because “Anything Can Happen,” (courtesy of the Clean) now that you’ve got “Spring Fever” like Little Willie John. Wavves will encourage you to “Take on the World,” and Paper Route is willing to lend you one of their “Chariots” for the trip.

Even if you encounter a little bit of “Spring Rain,” you can take it. You’re a “Big Bird” after all—and you’ve got Eddie Floyd on your side

So take one last look at that handsome mug in the mirror…

And we’ll see you “This Time Tomorrow.”