How to Shave

Lather Up

If you’re pulling a blade across your skin, it needs to be protected. Sure. But, shave cream? Foaming shave gel? What protects best? Turns out, there’re benefits to both…


To Shave Cream, or Foam Gel: That is the Question

Setting yourself up for a great shave happens before you even pick up your razor. But when it comes to protecting your skin, all of the options can get confusing. Really, the main question comes down to time and convenience. Where a Foaming Shave Gel is the power move for the guy on the go, a Shave Cream is more about engaging in a true men’s ritual. Whichever you choose, there are a few simple tricks to maximize the benefits of both—making sure your skin is plump and ready for a shave.


Flash Dash: Foaming Shave Gel

Aside from natural ingredients that hydrate and protect your skin, like aloe and cucumber—the gel-to-foam action is also doing its part. As you dispense the gel into your palm, you’ll notice it’s already starting to turn to foam. You’ll want to apply it directly to your face—without working it into a lather first. As the gel continues to foam, it also continues to expand. This expanding lifts the bristles of hair away from your face, creating a barrier of lubrication and allowing for a close, comfortable shave in just seconds.


Ritually Speaking: Shave Cream

The classic Shave Cream requires a few extra minutes of prep, but the investment of time and knowledge is where the payoff comes from—the net result is something guys tend to feel is a bit more luxurious. Start by squeezing a radish-sized amount into the palm of your hand. Move your fingertips in small, circular motions on wet skin until you start to develop a nice, thick lather. If you feel like the cream is beginning to cake, it doesn’t mean you need more product—just add a few more drops of water and you’ll see the lather pick up. This application process allows for slightly more contact with your skin, making for a slightly closer shave when compared to other lubrication options.


True Traditionalist: The Brush

For those looking to take their shave to the next level, consider the brush. Whether you’re foam-gelling or shave-creaming, you can apply the product directly onto your face with a pre-moistened brush in that same, circular gesture. The simple motion of the brush on your face will increase hydration and offer additional exfoliating action, lifting your hair bristles to allow for a closer, more comfortable shave.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Harry’s Shave Cream and Foaming Shave Gel help to hydrate, refresh and protect your skin—ensuring a close, comfortable shave, every time.