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December Shower Sessions

Shower Sessions
A well-groomed monthly playlist to start your morning right. December’s theme: A Little Reflection.

We’re big advocates of long, hot showers. A good steam will soothe your muscles, clear your head and soften your stubble before that all-important shave. A great soundtrack will make the whole process a faster and more enjoyable experience.

2016 is coming to a close. There’s one more month to make your mark on it. Before you get caught up in the rush of the holiday season and planning resolutions for January, take a few minutes to think back on the year past. Did you accomplish the things you wanted to accomplish? Look in the mirror and consider all that you did. Keep looking as you mull over the things you didn’t. Peaks and valleys are the topography of life. There is no success without failure. There is only striving to be better. Yes, your December playlist is all about a little reflection…

December Shower Sessions: A Little Reflection

To start, we’ll return to one of our favorite rituals: using these quiet morning moments to breathe deep, relax and take it easy. To wit: “Jack, I’m Mellow.” It’s been a rough year for fans of music everywhere. It seems like hardly a week went by without us losing another legend. As the water in your shower warms up, take a moment of silence—your own personal Oscar In Memoriam montage—to remember the fallen royalty. As the Kinks will reiterate, no matter how many musicians pass, “You Can’t Stop the Music,” because it just keeps playing on.

Let the water wash away the outside world as you focus on the self. You may not claim to be a leader, but you know you weren’t born to follow (at least, that’s what Carole King will sing to you as she performs her generation-defining hit for the Byrds). You know you’re “A Man of Action,” ready to make the most of the rest of the year. A real “Big Shot,” but only in the best sense. You see, confidence and cockiness are two different things but it’s easy to get them twisted. Believe in yourself, but take the humble path. As Raphael Saadiq sings on “Go to Hell”: “Let love bring us together.” Heed those words, and you’re off to a great start.

There. It feels pretty good to be “Clean” (in this case, listening to Ryan Adams cover Taylor Swift). Now, “Roll Away the Stone,” and focus your attention on a few gems from 2016: “My Friend They Liar” by Clear Plastic Masks and “Ego” from the long-awaited, hugely-appreciated final album from A Tribe Called Quest. The master class is one worth your attention and is a reminder that even though it’s very healthy to have this time of self-reflection, you never want to be too self-involved. “Ego, Ego. I got one, you got one, and now we equal. Sometimes it makes you trip out on your people.”

Let’s try to avoid tripping out on your people. We should all be extending joy to the world, to friends and strangers alike. So let Lowell Fulson’s take on a cult Beatles fave put you in the mood to hit the streets again. Take one last look in the mirror and sing along with Little Walter.

“I got to go.”

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