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The Method: Sam Spector

The Method: Sam Spector Featured
The fashion and celebrity stylist has one impressive morning regimen (and more grooming products than we’ve ever seen). We headed to his Chelsea apartment to check it out.

“I have like 7 different hairsprays. People make fun of me all the time for it.”

Sam Spector has more grooming products than you. We can practically guarantee it.

He texts us as we’re on the way to his place – it’s in a beautiful Chelsea high rise with natural light pouring in everywhere.  “You’re going to laugh at my hair regimen.”

The Method: Sam Spector 1

We’re a big fan of Sam here at Harry’s. Sam styled the first Warby Parker lookbooks and our Harry’s Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook. Sam started working for himself in 2006, and has become a notable New York celebrity stylist on the backs of clients like Daniel Radcliffe and Andy Samberg (Spector just worked with Andy on his recent wedding). His day-to-day often rotates around press junkets, film promotions and red carpet events. He’s on the road a lot. His apartment – which doubles as his office – is piled high with racks of designer clothing and shoes in Radcliffe’s size as he prepares to dress the former Harry Potter star for a series of events leading up to the release of his new movie Kill Your Darlings.

 Like a lot of guys with a hectic life, Spector’s home is his sanctuary. Cire Trudon candles are burning, Beyonce plays on his Jawbone Jambox as he rolls out of bed. “The first thing I do every morning is check my phone or make coffee,” he says. Spector seems to take particular pride in his coffee machine. “It’s funny, I have this whole coffee ritual,” he laughs. “But I only drink decaf. I hate caffeine. It makes me so anxious and it’s so easy to get hooked on it.”

The Method: Sam Spector 3

The next part of Spector’s routine involves his hair and is not for the faint of heart. “When it comes to my hair, yikes,” he says. “After the shower, I add some Bumble and Bumble grooming cream, then I dry it. Then I have like 7 different sprays. It’s totally absurd. People make fun of me all the time for it.” He smiles sheepishly.

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Sam’s favorite things in his house? Some sunflower dishes that were his grandmother’s in the ‘70s, drawings done by designer Isaac Mizrahi and the Raf Simons sneakers he’s tossing on now as we head out the door for the gym. As we duck out the door we ask if we should blow out his candles. “Meh,” people always tell you to blow your candles out, but it’s in that jar, where’s it going? It’s not going to flip over.” He blows it out anyway.

“What no one tells you about Citi Bike is you can never get one when you need one.”

Sam usually rides a Citi Bike to his next destination: the West Village Equinox. “What no one tells you about Citi Bike is you can never get one when you need one.” We cover 6 blocks and search 4 -5 racks without finding one, but finally, success. Once at the gym, it’s time to part. What’s the rest of Sam’s day hold? Lunch with Nike, a meeting and then back to work for Radcliffe. Our only inquiry – will he have to return to his apartment to get his hair just so beforehand? “Oh don’t you worry,” he laughs. “I even have mini bottles of hairspray for the gym.”

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