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For Dads About to Rock

For Dads About To Rock

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “dad rock.” It’s meant to be derisive, an insult we suppose. The sentiment behind it is that no one over 30 could ever possibly rock. Never mind the fact that it was our fathers and our grandfathers who invented rock. As Father’s Day approaches, consider showing your appreciation for that fact with two tickets to see a master from his generation. A father-son outing to remind you both that you’re only as old as you feel, and that music keeps the soul forever young.

Joe Walsh

There are many reasons to pay homage to the “Clown Prince of Rock” and Eagles guitarist: His Maserati that went 185mph, his contribution to the “Hotel California” outro, his “Funk 49” riff that set the standard for excellence in beer commercial music. But aside from being one of the most talented and technically proficient ax men alive (when Sir Paul McCartney needed a classical soloist for his 2012 Grammys performance, he chose Walsh), he remains one of the most light-hearted and gracious performers.
Joe Walsh: Toor 2016

Black Sabbath

If dad’s taste runs a bit heavier—or his teenage bedroom contained at least one black light, take him to the second North American leg of Sabbath’s “The End” tour. The fact that Ozzy Osbourne is still among the living is amazing enough; that the Prince of Darkness revealed himself to be the most doting, doddering dad ever on “The Osbournes” only sweetens the pot.
Black Sabbath: The End Tour

Paul Simon

Still boyish at 72, Simon continues to put out quality work as proved by his new album Stranger to Stranger. His odes to parental love, both explicit and implicit (“Mother and Child Reunion,” “Father and Daughter,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water”) are some of his most beautiful. And odds are, you and dad will be able to sing along from start to finish.
Paul Simon: 2016 North American Tour

Bruce Springsteen

If James Brown was the hardest working man in show business, surely the Boss runs a close second. Springsteen’s tour returns stateside in August, with sets that can run between three and four hours (hello, six encores). Springsteen often cites his own father as the main inspiration for his songs and many of his greatest tunes have explored the father-son dynamic and bridged generation gaps far and wide.
Bruce Springsteen: The River Tour 2016

Bob Dylan

He’s enigmatic as ever and his voice is ragged and dirty, but his backing band is always aces; his harmonica skills have burnished and his catalog is the stuff of high art. 200 years from now having seen Dylan will be akin to seeing Whitman, Byron…hell, Shakespeare. He’s our bard and he’s always touring. And you can really blow dad’s mind with a splurge to Desert Trip where Dylan will share the bill with the Stones, McCartney, The Who, Neil Young and Roger Waters (average age: 70+!).
Bob Dylan: On Tour