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On Fatherhood

On Fatherhood: Featured
Learning to be a father as told by some of our favorite dads.

David Rager

“Anouk likes to make people laugh like me…and has the baby version of my chuckle (for better or worse). She’s most unlike me in that she isn’t embarrassed about running around with her pants off.”

On Fatherhood: Mike Brumm

Mike Brumm

“I don’t think people realize how much of an energy suck fatherhood is. It’s wonderful, but you will be a shriveled, dried husk by the time it is over. Imagine a lamprey attaching to your face and draining you of all energy, attention, money and time. But holy cow, you love that lamprey so much and will do anything for it. So you let it feed, and you grow weaker, and it’s honestly the best thing in the entire world.”

On Fatherhood: Mike McKoy

Mike Mckoy

“I can’t pinpoint the source, but there seems to be this silent consensus that once you become a father, “the party’s over, old man.” But life with my family here in New York City, and exploring the world, is such a pleasure that I know the party’s just getting started…I’m having more fun being a father than I ever expected.”

The Method: Scot Tatelman 2

Scot Tatelman

“You gotta be the strong, tough one in the family. I’ll gladly take on that role on when it comes to lugging a car seat, an enormous pink tote bag and a three year old on my shoulders across an airport, but when it means being emotionally tough about my kids, don’t come to me. The mere thought of Ayla (and now my 9 month old, Ozzie) growing up, getting their hearts broken, heading off to college and eventually getting married can instantly bring tears to my eyes. When my older sister went to camp for the first time, my Dad got a nose bleed because he was crying so hard…the apple has not fallen far from the tree there!”

On Fatherhood: Joe Doucet

Joe Doucet

“A father must be many things to their children, but it really boils down to this: The role of a Father to a Son is to teach him how to be a good man. The role of a Father to a Daughter is to give her a model of what a good man is.”

On Fatherhood: Mike Salvatore

Mike Salvatore

“Bennett is a goofball. He loves music and has an endless amount of energy, but he’s a little more cautious when he’s unsure about something and definitely a lot more handsome.”