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A Case for the Shower Shave

A Case For The Shower Shave
A more luxurious shave awaits in the steamy confines of your shower. Fog-proof mirror not required.

The long hot shower.

A good name for a detective novel.

A better way to be living your life.

We’ve expressed our fondness for showers before. But they’re more than just an excuse to listen to an awesome playlist. The notion of hydrotherapy has been around since ancient Egypt. Put simply: water heals. A few extra minutes of steam will do a whole world of good for your entire constitution. It will also work wonders for your shave.

Yes, shaving in the shower is glorious. Your stubble will soften. Your pores will rejoice. The five blades of your razor will glide gracefully on your face like a troupe of Russian ice dancers.

Strange to be holding a sharp object to your face when you’re feeling so carefree. Strange, indeed. But remember you’re wielding a precision instrument crafted for the very purpose of not messing up that beautiful mug.

There will be those that will ask about the mirror. They will insist that they need to see their own reflection to not get all cut up and the like. And sure there are fog-free mirrors on the market, probably in the aisle where they keep the shower caddies. But to those who believe using a mirror is integral to the shaving process, we say use the force, man. It’s just that simple. Alpine climber Erik Weihenmayer was able to reach the summit of Mount Everest while LEGALLY BLIND. As an adult, you surely know the contours of your own face.

Rub a generous lather of shaving gel on your stubble while the shower heats up. Step in the shower when it’s reached the right temperature. Wash your trunk and tail as desired (and repeat for extra gold stars). Take a moment to clear your head and by the time it’s clear, the steam will have worked its magic. Your beard will yield gracefully to the swift strokes of your razor and you will emerge from the cloud a happier and more relaxed human.

Or at least a more impeccably groomed one.