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Your pockets tell a story.

Last winter, as the polar vortex began to grip New York City, my girlfriend and I dedicated a full day to digging out all of our warm-weather wares; dusting-off our coats, sweaters, and ski gear along the way.

On my walk to work that next day, I put my hands into my jacket pockets and found:

Money: $23
Receipts: 2 Bars, 1 Dinner, 3 ATM
Tissues (Balled): 7ish
Fake Moustaches (Movember remnants, I’m assuming): 1
​Dart Score Sheet (I play in a league; in case you’re wondering): 1

Now, clearly I enjoyed finding the cash in my pocket. But more exciting were the random artifacts my past-self left behind. It was like looking at those old photographs your parents dig up when you’re home for Thanksgiving.

Intrigued by this phenomenon, I decided to send a time capsule to my future-self when it came time to retire my winter wardrobe last spring. First I thought about leaving myself money (because, again: who doesn’t like finding $10?), but didn’t trust myself to leave it there for the whole season (because, again: who doesn’t need $10?). After a bit more musing, I settled on a simple message:

Jacket Time Capsule 1

Next spring, I think I’m going to leave myself a more ambitious note. Maybe, “Book that trip to Madagascar.” I’m already looking forward to next winter.