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The Method: Patrick Janelle

The Method: Patrick Janelle Featured
Instagrammer. Party Planner. We throw away routine in favor of changing things up and keeping things fresh with the founder of the Spring Street Social Society, Patrick Janelle.

“The first thing I do when I wake up is take a quick shower. Unless I don’t shower at all…that also happens some days.”

Patrick Janelle hovers the camera lens on his iPhone 6 over a perfectly concocted espresso drink and touches the shutter. It’s a photo many of us have taken, but that Patrick has helped champion. (“I coined the phrase #dailycortado on Instagram,” he tells us proudly.) But does mastering the art of casual coffee photography make you a morning person? That’s exactly what we went to Patrick’s place to find out.

Janelle, raised in Colorado, is attentive and good-natured – the ideal host. So it’s unsurprising that he’s turned a passion for throwing parties into a fledging enterprise – Spring Street Social Society. He and partner Amy Buchanan began by entertaining guests in the backyard of Patrick’s SoHo apartment. (When we ask him what he’s learned while throwing parties Patrick laughs sharply. “If you’re ever going to have an inflatable pool party in the city,” he says, “it’s important to think about how you’ll get rid of the water afterwards. I spent weeks carrying buckets of water out one at a time!”) Interest in Spring Street’s events grew quickly.

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Keeping with his love of a good soirée, Janelle has a spirit-focused website and app in the works called The Liquor Cabinet. But it is his Instagram account that has been his most successful venture to date. His snaps of food (he spent two years in the art department at Bon Appetite), travel, and clothes have netted him over 400,000 followers and plenty of work.

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“A routine?” Patrick muses to himself. We’re standing in his mazelike space, dissected by hung curtains. “I find that changing things up tends to inspire and engage me more than doing something every day. Routine and I don’t really get along.” He smiles. He’s just crawled down from the tucked away loft where he sleeps. He wears sweatpants. “The first thing I do when I wake up is take a quick shower,” he says. “Unless I don’t shower at all…that also happens some days.”

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Disclosure plays through a wireless stereo speaker as Patrick trims his beard, blow-dries his hair (“it makes me feel more put together”), and slicks it back with a dab of Imperial Pomade. As he checks his freshly cut hair in the mirror he says: “One of my favorite things to do while traveling in a new place is go to a barbershop – I got a trim last week in Mexico City – it instantly makes me feel like a local.” He slips into a Simon Miller denim shirt and jeans and packs up his backpack. Now, it’s time for coffee.

“I coined the phrase #dailycortado on Instagram.”

We make our way through the cold morning to Happy Bones NYC, a sleek Australian-owned joint with great light. Ideal for a morning Instagram. Sure enough, Patrick indulges us, snapping a shot unselfconsciously amid the other patrons. Over cortados, he tells us his dream for Spring Street Social Society: “to have a little home somewhere – a space to congregate, a coffee bar, maybe a photo studio…” He laughs. “All my favorite things in one place.”

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