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The Method: David Deshe

The Method: David Deshe Featured
Midwesterner turned Miamian. Beverage Businessman. Head Hydration Honcho. We take a morning jog along the marina with the president of Vero Water, David Deshe.

“Even the grown-ups here act like kids.”

“I’m actually leaving for my bachelor party this evening…Las Vegas.” David Deshe shrugs in mock explanation towards the open suitcase on his bedroom floor overflowing with jeans and t-shirts. His golf clubs are packed in a yellow travel bag that sits in the hallway. “As you can imagine, I’m trying to stay hydrated.”

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As President of eco-friendly bottled H2O system, Vero Water, it’s Deshe’s job to keep his clients hydrated, as well. Vero keeps the still and sparkling water flowing at hundreds of top-notch restaurants and resorts around the world. The premise is simple: Vero’s clients get all the water they want from a handsome countertop, Nano-filtered water system. All the water is served in reusable one-liter glass bottles, which replaces the thousands of bottles of imported water many of these establishments might serve to customers over the course of a year. And the water’s taste? Perfectly delicious. (We tried the sparkling tap.)

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Deshe wakes up each day in a large, light-filled apartment in a newly built high rise on Alton Lane in Miami Beach. His usual morning includes a trip downstairs to the gym, a quick shower, and a walk across the street to Vero HQ. However, given his impending bachelor duties and a day of relative flexibility, he tells us we’re all going for a run.

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The Miami Beach Marina, situated along a snaking path adjacent to David’s building, is a great place to jog. “I’m from Columbus, Ohio,” Deshe says as he stretches. “But I definitely took to the Miami lifestyle pretty quickly. I love how young it feels here – much younger than the rest of Florida.” He smiles. “Even the grown-ups here act like kids.” After David gets a good sweat going, we walk back towards the apartment. “You do things a bit differently when you live here versus when you visit,” he continues. “I haven’t gone to a nightclub in months. Everyone is here to have a good time, but there are also great opportunities for those willing to work for it.”

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Back in his apartment, David showers and shaves, slides on a pair of pants, and tosses on a dress shirt. “You’re allowed to go an extra button South of your comfort zone here in Miami,” he jokes as he adjusts his collar. “If someone walked into a meeting with, say, three buttons undone on their shirt no one would bat an eye.”

“You’re allowed to go an extra button South of your comfort zone here in Miami.”

We take the elevator downstairs and Deshe tells us he’ll meet us at his favorite morning spot, Panther Coffee, on Purdy Avenue in South Beach. The Miami roaster is fully populated when we arrive just after 9:00am. Deshe orders a cold brew and sits at the counter reading the paper. Shortly, he’ll be off to a morning meeting and to scout out new office space with his two brothers (Elie and Daniel, who run VFD Marketing) before boarding the aforementioned flight to Sin City. As we depart, he calls an audible and crashes onto one of the space’s comfortable couches for a second coffee. He’s now well caffeinated and well hydrated. He’ll need both where he’s headed.

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