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Preparing for What’s Next

Preparing For What's Next Featured
We captured some insights about facing life after graduation from former Harry’s Campus Ambassador – and current intern – Chris Lysiuk.

Challenge Yourself, Better Yourself

Challenges excite me, especially those that test my mental strength, my creative ability, and my physical endurance. Moments like these show me what I’m capable of. I believe that real growth stems from the moments in life that require every ounce of your physical or mental strength. I try to challenge myself to encounter those moments every day. Life only happens once, so why not work to get better every day?

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Stay On Your Toes

I wake up every day wondering what I missed while I was asleep. I’m restless because I’m anxious about my future. I’ve set high goals for myself but am always questioning whether my current path will lead me towards accomplishing them. Positivity gets me through my days, but not knowing what to expect next is definitely what keeps me on my toes. I’m anxious about my future, but I use that anxiety to keep pressing forward.

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Support One Another

If there’s one person I can always rely on it’s my best friend, Darren. We’re both still learning so much, and when one of us gets knocked down the other is always right there to lend a hand and help prepare for what’s next. I turn to him for advice because even if he doesn’t know the answer, he knows the right questions to ask to help me find a solution.

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Change The World

Whether aimless, lost, or unlucky, some people just need a little support to realize their true potential, and that’s where I want to make my mark. A direction for the aimless; an answer for the lost; an opportunity for the unlucky. Do I have a plan set in stone for this yet? No, but that’s just because I’m still finding my own path. I know this is a lofty goal, but I’m determined to accomplish it.

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Professionalism Is…

Professionalism to me is an attitude. It’s the ability to take criticism and adapt, to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and to transform negativity into opportunity. Professionalism is a mindset that separates the good from the great.