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Creature Comforts at 13,770 Feet

Creature Comforts at 13,770 Feet Featured
How to shave on top of a mountain (as told by someone who’s never done it before).

Into Thin Air

We asked Jimmy to photograph the razors in the very environment that inspired them. So he chose Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming — on one of his favorite climbs. There, at 13,770 feet, Jimmy and his friends spent a few days shooting, camping, and yes, even shaving. Unfortunately, my invitation to join must have gotten lost in the mail. (Not that I’m upset about it or anything, Jimmy).

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Find Plumbing

Picture this: You’re an average guy like me, and you find yourself atop the Grand Tetons with some of the coolest explorers on earth in need of a comfortable shave. First thing you might notice: no running water! No problem, just pick up your favorite coffee mug, scoop up some fresh mountain snow, and melt it on your camp stove. Not too hot, now. Just hot enough to soften up those whiskers.

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Share The Love

When tackling the Tetons, your climbing buddies are (literally) your lifeline. Melting down snow for a mountain shave is a labor of love, so make sure to melt some extra for your entourage. The good karma can go a long way when you’re hanging off a cliffside to get the perfect photo.

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Safety First

You’re already in a dangerous situation: harsh conditions, high altitudes and rough terrain. The last thing you want to do is shave blind. Look for a reflective surface that will do the job, like the back of your compass, to make shaving with the grain and staying with it everywhere more of a walk in the park than a trek up a mountain.