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The Method: Mark Seekings

The Method: Mark Seekings Featured
Tuberose Tamer. Creative’s Creative. Reynard’s Regular. Get situated with Mark Seekings at his Williamsburg apartment.

“I like silence when I start my day.”

“I’m on a tuberose kick right now,” Mark Seekings announces. He’s standing in his whitewashed apartment, sipping coffee, and showing us an arrangement of the waxy, super fragrant flowers. He smiles. “I had to dig through the depths of the Internet to find these.”

The Method: Mark Seekings 1

Seekings’s specificity has served him well. After a few years at Dior Homme in Manhattan, he’s settled into a super-niche role: creative direction and brand identity work for musicians – especially those that find themselves at the crossroads of fashion and art. (His clients have included Kanye West, Chromeo and Drake.) Seekings orchestrated “The White Room,” a collaborative art installation with Chromeo and Snarkitecture at Milk Studios, and provided creative direction on Chromeo’s “Come Alive” tour. Currently, Mark is working on an upcoming project with Kanye West’s DONDA.

The Method: Mark Seekings 1

Mark ritualistically starts off with a coffee and glass of water. He makes his bed and checks his laptop, catching up on the morning’s events. Then he walks into the kitchen and boils water for oatmeal. “I used to not be a breakfast person,” he says as he stirs the concoction. “But now I realize [it’s] necessary fuel for the day. I don’t know how I ever went without it.” He tops the finished oatmeal with blueberries and chia seeds. He sits down by the windows and eats, quietly. “I like silence when I start my day,” he says. “Having that moment to yourself is important.”

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Seekings excuses himself to the bathroom for a shower, but hops back a few seconds later, sliding across the wood floor and mashing at his laptop keys, grinning. “Okay, now I need some rap music.” Soon, the sound of Rick Ross’s gruff voice fills the bright space. Mark’s meticulously organized medicine cabinet stands testament to his impressive grooming regimen. He laughs: “Half of it is knowing what works for me, and the other half is skin care advice I’ve gotten from ex-girlfriends.” Mark steps out of the shower and runs Sachajuan hair paste through his disheveled locks. He gestures to the clean, white canister. “I buy a lot of products just based on packaging. I want to wake up and see things I like, or that inspire me.”

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After getting dressed in waxed jeans and a t-shirt, Mark pops a handful of pills (C, multivitamin, b12 and Zinc) into his mouth and swallows them with a gulp. He tosses on a black overcoat, and we walk several blocks to Reynard’s, at the Wythe Hotel, another morning ritual. The maître d greets him warmly. (“Mark is in here every day putting on his business face, you know?”)

“I kind of either love something or I don’t care… there’s not much in between.”

We grab a seat at the bar and Mark orders an Americano and a glass of water. As he attends to his drinks, we return to the topic of particularity: “I kind of either love something or I don’t care… there’s not much in between,” he says. “I’ll get obsessed with a song, item of clothing, or even a part of my routine” he says. “And I’ll keep [doing] that one thing until I’m sick of it, and have to move on.” Almost on cue, he signs the check and we walk out into the cold, November morning.

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