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The Method: Adam Eskin

The Method: Adam Eskin Featured
Brewmaster. Balancing Artist. Bread Breaker. Stretch out with Dig Inn founder Adam Eskin at his West Village apartment.

“Get on the mat, get the kinks out first.”

Adam Eskin answers the door of his West Village apartment with a massive handshake. He’s wearing a backwards cap and carrying a plastic cup, heading towards the light-filled kitchen. His wife, Amanda, explains: “We’re a beverage heavy household. Adam is about to make tea.”

The Method: Adam Eskin 1

Eskin is the founder and CEO of Dig Inn Seasonal Market, a popular string of lunch spots serving up healthy, locally grown fare at affordable prices (full meals run about $10) to savvy New Yorkers. After just three years, they’ll open their tenth location in November.

The Method: Adam Eskin 2

“We brew our own,” Adam says as he stands over the sink with a large pitcher. I order these huge to-go cups on Amazon and I’ll make [Amanda] a cup of iced English Breakfast tea every morning. I leave it on the hall table so she can grab it as she leaves.” And while the Eskins may skip the coffee, their mornings are still high energy. “We usually wake up and jump right into yoga,” Adam explains. “Get on the mat, get the kinks out first… All kidding aside, starting the day this way really helps.” Amanda sits back and smiles, “Adam has one really cool move he’s been working on. We’ve been doing yoga together for a while, and it gets especially rewarding once you start in with the balance stuff.” Max, the Eskin’s 7-year-old Yorkshire Terrier scurries around the room while the pair lay down their mats and begin stretching. “Max runs the show,” Adam says. “And he knows he’s about to go to the park.”

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After a quick, simultaneous tooth brushing session (at one point, Adam spits and paste lands on Amanda’s arm. She laughs – “this is as authentic as it gets”), Adam dresses, lightly grooms (“I stockpile Malin + Goetz sage styling cream and Kiehl’s Ultimate Hand Salve”) and helps a giddy Max into his harness.

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They make their way downstairs, across the street and into charming Abingdon Square Park. They take a few laps around the grounds. With Adam in his bright gingham shirt, Amanda in her colorful dress, and Max sniffing at the summer flowers, it’d be hard to picture a more idyllic morning jaunt.

“Sure, it’s crucial for us to fuel up before we take on the day, but it’s also nice to just be together.”

Post park, it’s breakfast time. The Eskins are regulars at La Bonbonniere – an iconic little diner on 8th Avenue. They place their orders inside (an omelet with avocado and tomato, dry rye toast, half a grapefruit and more iced tea for Adam) and then sit at an outside table with Max camped under a chair in the shade. “We love starting the day here,” Adam says as the food arrives. “Sure, it’s crucial for us to fuel up before we take on the day, but it’s also nice to just be together.” Soon, Adam will jump on a Citi Bike and ride to the Dig Inn office on 27th street and Amanda will go uptown to Columbia Presbyterian, but for right now, it’s just the three of them, a family, enjoying a meal in the midmorning sunshine.

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