Better Mornings

In So Many Words: Clocked

In So Many Words: Clocked
“I’ve counted one too many sheep.”

Mornings. In Verse.

Alarm clocks can’t be trusted – know this to be true.

Every time I place my faith in one,

It doesn’t quite come through.

Oh, how many times I’ve set it. 

And fallen cautiously asleep

Only to awake to find

I’ve counted one too many sheep.

Then morning becomes a full-on scramble:

Clothes fly and panic reigns.

“The date and time were right”

I mutter as I slip into my Hanes. 

The day zooms forward without delay. And I find myself at lunch,

With a moment to scrutinize

The clock, the gaff, my hunch…

I know I set the date correctly, I know I had the hour.

But that beeping chorus never came –

And now my day’s gone sour.

Evening comes and I return back home,eager to condemn.

I grab the black box with its red-eyed glare

And scream, “did I set you to a.m. or p.m.?”

I’ll never know. 

It’s unresolved. 

And now it’s time to set again. 

I flip the switch and shake my head: 

“There truly is no end.”